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Endoss Scandinavia AB is part of the Endoss Group with offices in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Endoss is active in various European countries in Validation of all equipment around reprocessing of medical devices. We mainly focus on the CSSD and Endoscopy department but work with other equipment as well.

In 2017 Endoss took over the activity of Interval AB in Sweden. Interval had already validated in different hospitals throughout Sweden.

Next to validation Endoss develops and manufactures disposables around flexible endoscopy. To ensure efficient, safe and economical endoscopy and reprocessing of medical devices. Our disposables are available via our worldwide network of distributors.

Endoss supplies its services and products in numerous countries worldwide.


Endoss Scandinavia AB offers independent validation of especially Sterilisers, Thermodisinfectors, Endoscope Washerdisinfectors, Drying Cabinets and Flusher disinfectors. We work according to the applicable Norms like ISOEN15883, EN285, ISO17665 and ISO16442. Where relevant or required we adapt to national guidelines.
Being independent means we get to see many different reprocessing solutions which enables us to have an open mind and neutral view on the different approaches.

Our staff represents over 50 years of experience in Validation and Qualification in a medical environment.
We have the skills and experience to validate well known manufacturers such as Wassenburg, Olympus, Miele, Cantel, Medicator, Getinge, Steelco, Soluscope, STERIS. BHT, Belimed, Tuttnauer, MMM, etc.

Most of these manufacturers work closely with us to make sure the validation is performed in a correct way. We have unique knowledge in the field and have all the tools necessary to carry out validations.



• steam
• plasma
• liquid
• hot air
• steam destruction

Thermal cleaning- and disinfection equipment

• washing machines
• flusher disinfectors
• laboratory washing machines
• cart washing machines

Chemo-Thermal cleaning- and disinfection equipment

• endoscopic disinfectors
• all brands en type of machines


• seal equipment
• cleanrooms
• OR's
• steam quality
• refrigerators and spaces
• freezers and spaces
• measuring equipment in the development phase at the manufacturer 

Our method

Based on interviews, we map the current need of validations based on the manufacturers and types of machines that are relevant and the appropriate implementation dates. These are primarily based on maintenance and the singular days of use of the equipment. 

We explain in detail how we perform our validation and involve our customers in order to achieve the best results and cooperation. During our validation, we provide the user/customer and, if applicable, the manufacturer/supplier with the opportunity to correct any errors that may result in equipment complying with applicable standards.

Following the validation, we will compile a preliminary report pending the microbiological results, unless we find something that may cause the equipment not to be approved. We strive to present the microbiological results no later than two weeks together with a preliminary report. 
This explains possible ambiguities or information that must be completed. 

Our goal is to deliver the final report within one week of receiving the preliminary report, provided that no further measurements need to be performed. Additional measurements are charged extra. 

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